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Screen Resolution, Help!


Sometimes when i alt tab into the warframe, my resolution of warframe application is changed, the video resolution and display mode is rollback to the Default.


[Default is 1280x768 and display mode is Window]


[My currently is 1400x900 and display mode is Fullscreen]


Around 2-3 days ago, i still use Window xp 32 bits Service Pack 3 and i don't have this problem at all.


Since yesterday i change to Window 7 64 bits, then the problems occured.


Need help because it happen a lot lately, it's really annoying.


Note: It not happen in everytime.

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I've had the same problem occur once, and that just happened to be today.
I'm also playing 1400x900 with Fullscreen.

Closing and reopening Warframe seems to fix it.

Okay make that twice, its just happened as I was typing this. Wanted to check that my res had been fixed but now its windowed with a res of 1280x768.

Edit: Closing and reopening Warframe does fix it.

Seems to be caused by trying to alt-tab back to game and then back to firefox without waiting for Warframe to finish opening, but I can't seem to duplicate the problem again.

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it didn't cause much problem to re-open the warframe, just change the option to the current one. but if it occur too many times , it really annoying because you have to chance your option in everytimes that you alt-tab.

Note: I'm trying borderless fullscreen now, if the problem is gone then i'll let you know


Update: No prob at all after i change to fullscreen borderless

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