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Great Weapon/frame Combos



After grabbing some different warframes and weapons ive noticed that my experience is different depending on what i bring in.

I love my Volt and used it for almost anything. Shield shoot thru for better damage and Speed for melee or fast runs. Id grab what ever im leveling and do the same. Then came My Soma. Great rate of fire with good clip. I now only use it for this one purpose. Volts Shock power can be casted while midclip and doesnt stop from shooting. Speed help rate of fire (i believe) and sheild increased damage. I used them one at a time when needed. Now i set up sheild cast speed unload clip after clip while hitting shock every 1/2 clip to ensure the slash goes to health. And i found that its alot of fun. Also galatine with stance and speed is sooo much fun.

I just got done leveling loki and being cloaked with Phage is great. Line up everything and get in there face the whole time.Galatine plus cloak is really fun to.And the stug. Castanas and Kestrel Were a Great Combo

Used a Drakgoon and hated it but dealt with it(only thing i had not 30)

Got a Vauban(I was Loki) in a Infested defense with vortex and my Drakgoon Hating was over. It was Perfect for it. 1 Shot killing like 10-15 infested. Mine Vauban will be ready tom and going to forma drakgoon to have some fun with it


Anyone know of some great Weapons and frame that compliment each other like this would love to try


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frost prime (or normal) with a fast reloading shotgun (personally, Tigris), frost is like the slowest warframe ever (without sprinting) and the strategy is to get a huge infested crowd on your tail, and keep blowing them to smithereens 

or a Mirage or auto/ hold weapons or orgis/penta/stug and every weapon tat's good with CC 

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Valkyr for non-hitscan weapons. Her 3 slows everything down and the slow scales with power strength while buffing her already considerable armor. Makes it very easy to go down a hallway while aiming and just headshot everything one by one with slow projectiles. It even highlights enemies so they're a bit easier to see in smoke and gas and whatever other effects you have going on.

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Why Banshee and Lecta. i have the lecta and like it. But it needed that extra.

Working on Mirage and was going to grab Quanta Cuz it looked great.

I liked Frost P with stug and snow globe. Fill SG with adds stick stug in and load up SG with Explo. Maybe ill grab Ogris

My Clan mate said grab dual Heat swords or Silva Aegis with Ember and Ignis.

As far as Saryn goes does it help the viral on the phage cause it sounds interesting. What does She do to help the phage

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Vortex Vauban with anything with punchthrough or AoE.

Bastille Vauban with anything that headshots well.


Banshee with any weapon you're leveling. (Sonar for damage increase.)

Rhino with Roar for the same.

Mirage with Hall of Mirrors for the same, or just for damage output.


Accelerant Ember with Ignis/Silva & Aegis.


Mag against Corpus if you have corrupted mods (so you can one-shot them with Shield Polarize), Mag (to strip the shields) with Viral damage (to kill them) otherwise.


Trinity for melee/heavy weapons.


Electric Shield Volt for any beam, shotgun or crit weapon.

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Right now i am testing flux rifle with all four dual stat elemental/status mods on. You get a status change of nearly 100% and with the slash proc on nekros you can desecrate more. Flux needs 4 forma to do this, but it is only useful in lower and middle difficulty.

. Banshee sonar flux rifle iam ate weak spot bam

1 request pls invite me to ur clan

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