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Arsenal, Show Only Owned.


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As it stands...Me and my friends are tired of going to the arsenal and seeing weapons we don't own available for purchase with plat. A buddy of mine has even leveled some warframes to max, and sold them off because he has the prime versions and he doesn't want the extra clutter. This applies to some of the weaponry as well.


Can this please be a option? To show only items we own in the arsenal? I mean it is OUR arsenal. Not "What your Arsenal COULD look like if you spend plat!"

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What I would rather see is a more user friendly interface when it comes to viewing all your levelling stats.  Currently all your gear is listed under headings, but in one continuous scrolling list down the page.  What I want to see is the 7 headings required with drop down menus, or even 7 small tab pages similar to the featured items on the market console, listing every weapon / item of that type in each respective menu.  The ones you currently own can be in one colour (eg: white), the ones you have levelled but no longer own can be in another (eg: blue) while the ones you have not gotten yet could be yet another (eg: grey).  This would greatly enhance the asthetics IMO, not to mention streamline all the info you need in an easy to read format.  The required headings / page tabs?








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Seeing as I've mastered every weapon/'frame that can be bought with plat, and have enough weapon slots to own all weapons at the same time, I want to have the weapons/'frames I don't own removed from the list. It gets annoying when I can scroll over a page further than equippable weapons. While on the topic of equipping things, the item wheel was designed so poorly for people who use the 1-8 hotkeys to avoid it. No label for which slot is which. Don't like wasting items? Memorize that wheel before you run a mission.

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