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Brofisting, bowing, kneeling, pointing, meditating, nodding, shaking hands, or shaking your head 'no' are all perfectly valid things that wouldn't break immersion. Things like a raised fist or saulte may be excellent as well, as these gestures have their roots in war.

Things like dancing, elbowing, sitting, and the like could all take place in hubs or in the List, but they have no place in missions.

Maybe the fun emotes could cost plat, while the serious in-mission ones would be unlockable. The basic ones, like nodding, pointing, and 'no' should all be immediately available to the player.

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Being able to do things like stretch as ember does would be cool. (I'd just buy the ember animations now but I don't even really like dual pistols, eghhh.)



Yes to emotes... but only if they add the "Well What is it?" from Dark Souls.




A link to those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the Well What is it? in action:




I was thinkin' of that too.

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Dances, Bows, Laughs, Flexing, Kisses.. ANYTHING!

Or you know, grinding them. My wife seconds this! 


Nothing could make me happier in Warframe, and for people who don't want it, just don't use it.

That's usually how I go about things I don't like, I simply don't use them.


Oh oh, and to add, with dance emotes you can have awesome parties at your clan's Dojo. 

You know, as opposed to standing around in a garden and look at benches you can't even sit on.



It would add so much to the social aspect of the game, SO MUCH!



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