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Arcane Helmets/rare Mods/ Prime Parts Available Here.

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This post is now obsolete.


Arcane Helmets for sale:


Coil and Gauss Mag (not yet built)

Meridian and Aura Trinity (not yet built)

Menticide and Vespa Nyx

Pendragon and Avalon Excalibur

Nova Flux


Some of these helmets will be available once I have more neurodes.


Rare Mods for sale:


Arrow Mutation (Rank 2)

Blaze (Rank 0)

Continuity (Rank 0)

Fortitude (Rank 0)

Ice Storm (Rank 0)

Intensify (Rank 0)

Rifle Ammo Mutation (Rank 3)

Shotgun Ammo Mutation (Rank 2)

Streamline (Rank 0) (2 copies)

Stunning Speed (Rank 0)


Prime Parts for sale:


Boar Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Barrel/Receiver/Stock

Bronco Prime Barrel/Receiver

Burston Prime Barrel

Mag Prime BP/Helmet/Chassis

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Latron Prime BP/Barrel


Message me with what you want as well as an offer of platinum and/or one of the following:


Lex Prime BP/Receiver

Any dual-stat pistol mod that boosts status chance

Crushing Ruin Hammer stance mod


I will be on during weekends and Tuesday nights, any other time is tentative.


-Sully The Stalker

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