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Gate Crash Crashes Me...


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So, i've been trying to play the new event, and i've tried joining 3 Times to a public squad, the 3 times my game crashed.

I kinda feel sad, guess i won't be doing the event tonight...


I'm wondering if i'm the only one with this problem?

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Going to repost this here, worked well in another crash thread.


Have you yet encountered our Crash Handler?




It looks like that (animated Gif of all steps, thanks [DE]Glen)!


Have you been prompted to do this in any of your crashes?


OH! Yes, Thanks for the fast reply, I'll try to get it prompted again, so i can copy&paste the WAR code.


edit: Here's The code: WAR-318403

I'll ask for support too :(  I just want to do the event...

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OK so, here's all I did to manage to start the event, not sure what fixed it, but at least now I'm inside the mission, i'll update this if it crashes again


Out-Game: verified that all drives are updated, verified that all my computer's pieces are working as intended. (RAM, etc.) Reinstalled Warframe.


In-game: Turned off all display options. left on only: Bloom, Color Correction, Dynamic Lighting and weapon elemental FX. Left Kubrow Home. Turned HUD off.


Edit: I've turned the HUD on again, apperently that was not the problem.

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i win Rebecca :D

i have more copy pasta ready.


Crashing issues you say?
- when your issue occours, after Warframe has terminated and you have sent your Crash Report(or attempted to), immediately go to your Local Appdata, and grab the Evolution Engine Log (EE.Log) from the Warframe folder. this file is wiped each time Warframe launches, so if you run Warframe again after the session with the issue, the Log will be useless.
for Windows Vista / 7 platforms, this should look something like this:
(Boot Drive letter):\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Warframe\EE.log
copy this file to a different location for the time being, as when Warframe launches, this file is overwritten, and you need the data that's in the file as it stands after the Crash.
- go to Support, create a Support Ticket, and fill out the forms appropriately (Tech - Crashing would probably be appropriate here).
then, upload the EE.Log to the webpage.
- next, you'll need a Direct X Diagnostic Report (Dxdiag).
how to open Dxdiag:


(if you're asked a question when you run DxDiag, just click yes)
now, save all information to a file. where ever is convenient, the Desktop is pretty convenient, you'll delete this file after you attach it to the Support Ticket anyways.


- now, if you haven't done so already, attach these two files to your Support Ticket. you can either browse for them, or you can drag them to the Attach zone to automatically upload them.
- lastly, explain your issue in the fullest detail that you can. what was going on at the time of crash, how many players, what mission type and what node you were playing, anything that might be relevant. 
and don't forget to submit your Support Ticket.
(if you're not sure how to login to Support, it's the same account you use for Warframe and the Forums!)
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