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New Event Not Pausing When Pressing Esc(Ape)


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Tested on Solo mode and was able to pause using the ESC button effectively. 


Can you try it again on your end?

Just tested again, which required me to start the game up again because I closed it after the 1 round(It takes rather more time than I can spend right now), now it does pause... I did switch to Solo about 1-5 seconds before selecting the mission but nobody joined during the mission so I don't know why it did what it did, mayhaps I should have waited a few seconds longer #GottaGoFast 


Thanks for checking up on it in any case, I don't often pause but remapping my controls and 20 moving infested around the corner while alone are a bad mix ^.^

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There is actually a bug that sometimes appears when you switch from public to solo and immediately select the mission it works as solo but you can't pause it. Only solution is to exit menu after changing the matchmaking setting and then selecting Navigation again and selecting the mission.


A similar bug occurs when going from Solo to Public and going to a Dojo in the same menu instance which can cause a crash if you don't exit the menu first.

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Greetings mates.

When in solo mode,pressing the ESC button pauses the game...right?

If so,then this feature is bugged again.

Today (29th september) I paused the game so I could grab something to drink,but when I returned,I got a mission failed screen and a message from the lotus with a grustag bolt release BP..

In short,the game didn`t pause and the G3 decided to join me...what a shameful defeat  :P

Good luck and good hunting mates!


EDIT: I clicked the wrong thread...whoops.I should have payed attention.

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