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Vor Goes To The Dog Pound


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One sunny day on Earth Captain Vor decided to go to the Kubrow and Zanuka Pound. When Alad V heard the clunks of Metal feet against the ground he quickly polished up the pound ready for a new customer and more profit. When Captain Vor came, a crewman kindly greeted him. Then Vor replied with ' WHERE IS THE ZANUKA SECTION, TELL ME OR I'LL KILL YOU!! ' . The crewman quickly fainted thinking his life was over already at The Corpus Dog pound for Animals Great and Feral. As Alad V heard the thump of his staff against the metallic ground, he quickly rushed up to Vor and asked him what he wanted. Vor replied again with 'WHERE IS THE ZANUKA SECTION OR I'LL KILL YOU!!'.

'Section 5 on the top left cages' , Alad V replied happily. When Vor picked his Zanuka he brought it up to the counter , he gave it a quick look in case it was deformed. He soon spotted a Nekros leg sticking out of the Zanuka's face and a Vauban Arm sticking out of the Zanuka's butt. 'WHAT IS THIS FAULTY PIECE OF $H!T', he screamed. Alad V quickly punched Vor in the face and ran away. Since Vor had the worst genes out of all the Grineer , he started ageing faster. 1 minute later he was 80 years old and slapping Alad V furiously with the handle of his Seer. Soon Alad V was dead on the ground with a Seer stuck in his face and Vor's hand had fallen off after the intense slapping.

When a group of Animal loving Corpus Crewmen arrived they freed all the Zanuka's and all the feral Kubrows not realising that they were feral, the kubrows launched the self at the Crewmen , tearing at their armor. Soon , everyone was dead, except the Kubrows who ran away and decided to attack some Grineer Marines.

The tale was quickly spread out throughout the galaxy about the incident and all Corpus, Grineer and some infested still know about this tale. So when you see a couple of Grineer, Corpus or Infested talking to one another, they are probably sharing the tale and let them finish telling each other the tale before you slice them into pieces or riddle their bodies with bullets or pin them to walls.

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