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About The Sheev And Its Codex Entry


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Hello all, 


This thread will detail a small statistical change to the Sheev to fit its Codex Entry. The content is below: 


The Sheev is a new dagger rewarded from the event Gate Crash, in which it has its Codex Entry: 


Built for close combat, the Sheev's plasma blade slices through flesh and armour with equal ease. 


However, its stats do not reflect that, as it is very heavily biased towards Slash damage, while having minuscule Puncture damage (around 40 Slash damage with 3 Puncture damage, if that is correct). Thus, to make the stats on the weapon be accurate to its Codex Entry, the new weapon stats are below: 


Impact: 2.5

Puncture: 20

Slash: 22.6


With this small change, the weapon can thus be accurate to its Codex Entry, as well as being slightly Slash-focused, differentiating it from other daggers. 


Please take the time to read this thread, and provide any constructive criticism and feedback. 



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Slash procs ignore armor. High slash damage, high status chance. It's technically still kinda accurate but I can see why people would be confused.

Then it should be something along the lines of 'being able to eviscerate flesh with ease', not 'slicing through flesh and armour with equal ease'.

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