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Sheev Designed To Kill User


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Even without taking into account the worse than beginner stats....0.7 speed. For an object the size of a banana.


How is that even possible? When you swing this thing, it actually makes you move slower than an arcane thrak rhino (although it is great for dramatic videos). Did Vor come up with a new restraining bolt or something?

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I believe the lore states that it was designed and tested by Powerfist Grineer Scientists.


Okay, I'm swinging my weapon... 


Get ready for the big one... 


Hold on...


Wait for it...


Just a little more...


Trust me, this is going to hurt when it actually hits...


It's almost there...


*Tenno casually walks a foot forward and the fist misses*

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In the absence of unique mechanics or obscene damage, current dagger speeds are unacceptable. 


Current dagger stats as a whole are a matter of wonder for me as to how they ever got past the developers.  While anybody could speak to the fast nature of short blades as well as their reputation for high critical hits, the fact that they move similarly to weapons like the Scindo and Fragor is slightly maddening in itself.

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