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Burston Prime Build, Suggestions Needed



Ehy there guys

I'm trying to figure out whats best fpr my Burston Prime. At the moment I've got Serration, Split Chamber and Heavy Caliber; Malignant Force, Infected Clip/StormBringer, High Voltage; Cryo Rounds and Rime Rounds.

I enjoy a lot semiauto and burst weapons, like Latron and Sybaris, and I used to install Shred to get more rate of fire and punch through.

But now I'm a bit consfused about the Burston, whats best? Maybe taking off StormBringer/Infected Clip to install Shred? Or is it better Metal Auger? I'm trying to get a viable build that makes the weapon strong in every situation, but I'm a bit worried about the damage difference.

What do you guys think?

Is it better to keep these elemental mods or I should change one of them with Shred/Metal Auger?

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I have a 4-forma Burston Prime.


It seems to respond best to raw damage mods. Punchthrough is always useful, but the speed boost from Shred isn't all that, unless you're one of those very quick to get on target. It has significant status chance, so building around dual stat mods has some benefit, especially if you want to keep forma to a minimum.


Heavy caliber is--as usual--arguable. I don't use it on mine, but I like my headshots and long range gunnery. It's one of those things you have to experiment with to see what works for you at your comfortable engagement ranges.


People disparage this gun, but it's quite powerful when modded correctly.

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You want to use the 4 dual event stat mods. This will net you a 74.2% status chance/bullet. Mind you that your status chance in-game and WFBuilder will be different, since the status chance on WFBuilder is per burst (3 bullets), while in-game the number shows your status chance / bullet.

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Gilded Truth has improved this gun quite a bit.


It was very good before, but it's simply outstanding now. Using GT can actually influence your warframe build itself just from the recovery on the proc. It can also replace HC with a similar level of improved damage (I've never been comfortable with the accuracy loss on this particular gun when using HC).


The build is largely the same:




Split chamber

Gilded Truth

2x 90% elementals in combo of choice

2x 60% elemental/status focused on combo of choice.


Dual combo works as well. Just depends what you want the gun to do for you.

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