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Unable To Use Primary Weapon With Secondary Equipped.


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Greetings one and all.


I have just started the game and got my Tenno to level 5. From the beginning of the game until now, I will change to my Kunai from my Bow and when I attempt to change back, all the Tenno does reload or put the Kunai away. This has caused many a death since I do suck at the Kunai but do very well with the bow. This has happened when in a party attempting to do the missions and this has happened in solo play.


Is this a known issue or something that is just effecting me? I have found that not having a Secondary solves it but in case I get a Secondary I want to use, is this going to happen with any Primary/Secondary combos?


Thanks for the only game I wanted on Xbox One....alas, I suck at it and found out the hard way that Revives do NOT replenish. SMH.

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