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Improvement For Event Mods -> Dual Stat Mods ?


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First off this is not meant as any form of critizism. I just have a feeling that the Gate Crash mods are unsatisfying to some ( many ? ) players because they mostly never will be used for non-melee weapons and for melee it is just an "boring" upgrade of an existing mod.

So I wondered if a change to the event mods to dual stat mods like this ( max rank )

+60%-90% Slash Damage ( or any other base damage )
+30%-60% Heat Damage ( or any other elemental damage )

wouldnt be more satisfying, exciting and open up a whole range of more new dual stat mods for future events ( so many possible combinations of elemental / base damage ).

I think this change might make players happy without breaking the game.

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First of all, they are viable on any weapon with high slash damage, not just melee weapons.


Second, i'm not sure that a dual stat mod with physical and elemental damage at 60% would be much more viable than the slash only one at 120, especially with all of the elemental mods out there now.




I wanted to bring up a third point, and that that the current, status, elemental, and physical damage mods need to be rebalanced before new ones are thrown into the mix.  There is a lot of inconsistency amongst them, and these new event mods are just throwing more fuel on the fire.

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We don't need more status chance mods. And what's the problem with +120% slash? Stop throwing DE work to the ground.


I can remember players asking DE to do something about weapons only having two tipes of build: critic and status. Well, maybe these mods came to open a chance to a new build, fisical focused?


Btw, nice to see the - polarity, and not the traditional V. Now waiting for event mods with D.

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