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Hey guys and girls. Ive got almost 300 hours or more logged into this game and realized I've never actually posted or commented into the forum. Time to give a proper introduction. Outside of warframe Im a bit of a bodybuilder/personal trainer with a hunger for nerdness outside of work. I build my gaming rigs and have no problem becoming completely immersed for a day in this game. Its the only MMO ive really taken to since I used to play quake 2 back in the day. Seeing as I always wanted the depth of world of Warcraft and got bored of it instantly, my quick twitch game mechanics helped me easily play over my level in this game... creating the obsession I have today LOL.

My favorite warframes in this order are

1. Mirage
2. Trinity
3. Ember

Anything else I play casualty for fun because I own 12 of them. Hit me up!

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