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Without The Lotus (Ability To Go Full Solo?)


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So, here I sit. Floating in space. Well, maybe not so much floating anymore...I guess I'm just sitting in my ship. But that's beside the point. I'm getting to the point in Warframe where I've had to start creating my own mini-lore out of the lack of end-game content. I'm not much into PvP, and I'm a naturally creative person (almost to the point where my imagination could be considered childish in some aspects). 


So of course I've started giving myself a fake purpose behind a series of missions, creating my own "quests" in my head, etc. However, as I was doing this, the Lotus kept narrating the mission, which kinda got old and in the way of my "quests". It's been almost a year of hearing "There's a large platoon of Grineer Marines stationed here. Leave no one standing."


Would anyone else be in favor of an option to turn off all voices? This includes the Lotus, ORDIS, and bosses. 


Just a thought.


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