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Hotfix 14.7.3 +

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Sheev attack speed is still 0.7 in the stats.


The attack speed is still the same with pointed wind set.

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The grineer sisters, sometimes don't drop the key, or sometimes they drop the key on inaccessible spots.


Only seen it on earth so far, if u kill them in the air, the key just stays up in the air, or actually no were, we couldn't find it.

And there's another tile with water, were they go and land on the water, but if they drop the key there we cant go and get it.




The portal/gate is poorly designed for the defense part of the mission, players just camp and shoot blindly at the portal, hitting them even before they have a chance to show up.

Once again, just like most missions of defense in this game, nobody cares for the pod or console health, but on this event its a all new level, since they can only come from the gate, its just blind-shoot and win.

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