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Excalibur Message *lotus Esque || Tower 1 Capture


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Where :tower 1 capture

When : after all captives are captured after i stealth killed a corrupt heavy 

Weapon : sheev

Warframe : Excalibur 



Bored, wanted to level up a recently acquired dagger. After about 2 mins all capture targets were caught, then a odd thing happened all enemies were unaware of me, I walked in front of them, kicked them, shot a few rounds *miter in the air. Then I decided to kill a few. 1 heavy stealth kill later, a friggin stalker/ lotus esque message from Excalibur appeared in the left side of my screen. No sound no blinking lights, just a panning left to right motion, then he left. Bugg ? or was it a transmition from our friendly neighborhood "Scally". Devs take a look pls 



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Its an old bug. Dark sector conflict missions used to be pve and would have the leader of the clan your attacking warframe pop up in a dialogue box and say some threatening things at you. These missions also used the void tileset.


Its just left over stuff.

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