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Warframe For Mac


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Will there ever be a time that Warframe will come to Mac computers considering it is on Xbox one and PS4


Neither The PC, XBOne nor the PS4 Warframe (Evolution Engine) use OpenGL. Given the small playerbase on gaming-capable Mac+Linux I doubt DE will ever consider it worth the time to port their D3D engine to OpenGL (NB They most likely used middlewear to do the PS4 engine conversion)


It would be great if they did (I have a work Mac Pro) but I believe the last comment was "No plans to"

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I don't buy most of the arguments against porting to OSX, except for time and resources. But at some point soon it will make sense to port to both Mac OS X and Linix. Likely the same middle-ware used on the PS4 or something similar will be applied as the playstations have been strong OpenGL platforms, so that is possible. 70+ million Macs, many with users that are affluent enough to buy games, is a tempting market.

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