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Daggers, De.


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Daggers... where to begin?


They're slow.. why? I see no reason for this..
Please, for the sake of Lotus, increase the attack speed of the slower daggers.

Why are their Critical stats so bad? I can understand the innately Elemental daggers having Status instead, (even though they're the ones with the highest chance of.. 10%), but I don't see why the Physical daggers can't all be atleast 10-20% Critical Chance, with 2.0x Crit Damage.

The typical dagger should be small, fast, and precise. With the speed, and damage, (via Crits), or Status utility if Elemental, to make up for their lack or range. 
I also believe the Fang weapon series should also receive a boost in their Critical capabilities.

Also, like others have said before, it would make single daggers unique if they had the capability to perform rear(stealth) finisher attacks on even alerted enemies. Although, this isn't necessary.
On to the next topic; Stances and Stance Polarities.

Nearly all of the daggers have a V Stance Polarity, which only matches the Pointed Wind stance.

The one that doesn't have a V Stance Polarity has a.. uh.. Swoosh(?) Polarity, which matches none of the Dagger stances, yet.

Why is this an issue?


Homing Fang, which has a Dash Polarity, is great. It's fast and fun, with combos that set off the Status effects for Elemental weapons.

Pointed Wind is a horrible stance. Not only does it have less combos, but it slows your dagger down considerably.. which is atrocious considering how slow daggers currently are.

Please rework Pointed Wind.

And, while this isn't totally related, both the main combos of Gnashing Payara are identical until the extra attack on Pincer Strike.
Can we please replace Flash Flurry with a more fitting combo, that utilizes a flurry if attacks, much like that one combo in Malicious Raptor?

That is all, for now.

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I always felt that heavy weapons got a really bad hit with Melee 2.0's coming, and while it's true, it's usually more obvious because of how reliable they were before.


However, with all these recent attention to daggers, it seems they're suffering pretty much the same thing, if not worse in some cases (Pointed Wind). I do hope they look at Dagger and Daggers balance in general, their stances and all, after/while they look at the heavy weapons.

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Totally agree on all the topic, especially on the stances, Homing fang is a good stance while Pointed wind lacks some thing (Homing fang has 3 combos[which are very good all and different], Pointed wind 2 [they are good in my opinion but i think it needs at least 3 or 4 instead of 2])

Anyway, i love my Daggers and i Use my Heat Dagger whenever i like, and i am into making the karyst probably, and Sheev, OMG yes. But they all need some love.

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Please make daggers the fastest melee weapons in the game. Current speeds are not acceptable.


Off topic: Also, add combos for all one-handed weapons in which the weapon switches hands. That would be cool.


Especially the idea for off hand attack combos and/ switching.

Reminds me of The Winter Soldier and some of his fantastic dagger skills!

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Its not that the dagger is slow, its the stance you are using, and also weapon physics, homing fang is just way faster and really helps when using a dagger stance, and for example, the karyst dagger is slow because it has a thick edge, and that zig zag isn't pointed well so you can't just pierce someone, you gotta slice diagonally, and pulling it out makes it harder too.

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Daggers are, on average, the slowest melee weapon class in the game, even slower than the hammers (average attack speed of 0.84 vs 0.9). Both dagger stances are slower than just using the quick melee with a gun out.


Because of the speed issues, all of the daggers fall in the lowest strata of overall damage even though their per-swing damage is generally average-to-good.


Personally, I don't even care that much if they're not super-powerful, but they should at least be fast.


Oh, and going back to stances real quick, Homing Fang (the uncommon stance) doesn't even match the stance polarity of any of the daggers in the game. Dark Dagger has a stance polarity that doesn't match either stance available. Daggers have always felt to me like they were a bit of an afterthought, even going back to closed beta, but this is just silly.

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