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[Mod Ui] Unable To Start Function Without Selecting A Mod First


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A very simple suggestion. Let us pick which action we want to take BEFORE we select a mod. If I try to click on the big 'mod fusion' icon in the mod UI I get Greeted with this instead. This applies to all options, selling mod, transmuting etc.


I mean its not that big of a deal but after doing the mod fusion I want, but I would still be in the mod fusion action and the next mod I click on would instantly be put into mod fusion even though I might want to do something else with it. It leave me on the mod fusion action after i fused the mods which is weird since we're not able to start without picking a mod.

Everything would be a lot easier if we also get to pick the action we want to take first as well as being able to pick the mod first. 


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