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[Guide] Modding Weapons 101.02 - Rifle Utility



Welcome to the continuation of this thread:



If you have not read this thread prior and are new to Warframe, I recommend going through it before moving on to here.


In this thread I will be addressing some of the more advanced mechanics of modding Primary Weapons/Rifles, which many of them are summed up in these quotes:



Nice start. Would give first timers at least a basic education on common mods so that they will know how to use them when they get it the first time.



Add another on mods that compensate weapon handling. This is not so much about damage numbers but to get around weapon limitations. Increasing ease of handling at the expense of some potential DPS is actually important as it may actually increase the actual damage efficiency (compared to high theoretical damage, but lower actual damage dealt to enemies due to things like missed shots, slower response etc)



- Add fire rate mods to bows charge faster

- Add magazine mods on weapons with very small magazines (usually to get around long reload times. Good if there is a mixed damage mod like Wildfire)

- Add reload rate mods (usually we just pick to optimize magazine size or reload, rarely both as it will require 2 slots total)

- Add Ammo Mutation mod if the weapon is very ammo hungry. (Even if it reduces DPS, it is often worth it on some weapon as coupled with a Carrier, the player can essentially disregard ammo concerns totally)

- Punch through mods for crowd (Usually I only use Shred as the increased fire rate sort of compensate the loss in DPS if we used this slot for another damage mod). Punch through can actually be better in producing higher crowd DPS in certain situation, compared to a where we can have higher DPS on a target, but lower total DPS on a crowd.  Besides, being able to shoot through thin covers makes the wielder tactically more versatile.

Tying into that discussion (through Shred) I would also make a note of punchthrough mods.


I would also go into the damage modifiers for elements versus different factions (IE Corrosive vs Infested for anti-ancients). That's pretty important.


Also the little known fact that elements with modifiers against a specific armor type also ignore that percentage of the armor value.

Nice guide - well constructed and easy to read.


Critical Delay is one of those mods which only works well on a couple of weapons. Those weapons are all similar: high rate of fire + poor ammo consumption. For example, putting Critical Delay on the Amprex allows for better ammo consumption by gimping the RoF as it is very easy to quickly expend it all AND the Amprex benefits from a critical build.



and can also be mostly summed up in the key word of this thread, utility. (I plan on dedicating an entire thread to explaining damage and elemental weaknesses sometime in the future).


My definition of utility will be rather broad to contain basically everything you can do to a weapon that is not simply increasing raw damage. Status Chance and Critical Chance are good examples of utility I have already addressed. Assuming you have understood the basics, I will move on to other mechanics regarding Primary Weapons/Rifles.


Let me start by listing things I wish to go over:


Weapon Utility:

-Rate of Fire


-Ammunition Capacity

-Magazine Size

-Reload Speed

-Accuracy vs. Recoil

-Ammo Mutations

-Faction Specific Mods


There are also others, but I have omitted on purpose:

-Weapon Noise

-Zoom Level


I will also go over: Niche Mods


So for starters:


Rate of Fire:


Rate of fire, like many of the utilities I will mention later, is a rather self-explanatory concept. It defines how fast your weapon will fire. Higher rate of fire, more bullets shot per period of time. Besides simply increasing base damage with Serration and Heavy Caliber (I will go over Heavy Caliber later), or increasing damage with elemental mods and taking advantage of elemental weaknesses, increasing rate of fire (RoF) is the most commonly used method to indirectly increase your damage output, as it is theoretically a flat increase off of what you already have. Think about it, shooting at 10 rounds per second, hitting them all, each doing 100 damage is equivalent to 1000 DPS. Increasing your rate of fire by 60% will mean you shoot 16 rounds per second, resulting in 1600 DPS, a flat 60% increase. This, of course, comes at the cost of greater ammunition consumption.


Another thing to note about rate of fire is that with charge-up weapons, for example, Bows such as Dread, Paris, and Cernos, or charge-up guns such as Gorgon, Supra, and Soma, increasing rate of fire will also increase the speed at which these weapons will charge up. For bows, this generally means you reach the maximum charge, faster, meaning you reach maximum damage arrows faster, or for LMGs, you begin firing at the fastest rate of fire sooner, alongside an increase in the fire rate cap.





Speed Trigger is also every self-explanatory. It increases your rate of fire. 


For the more ambitious, there is a Nightmare Mod that also increases rate of fire.



Shred offers a rate of fire increase and Punch-Through. 


Between these two mods, it is basically personal preference. Speed Trigger will cost less mod points and give a greater RoF increase, meaning it will increase your DPS more than Shred. However, Shred also provides Punch Through in the same mod slot. For me personally, I will use Shred 9 times out of 10, simply because I usually find the rate of fire of most rifles to be acceptable, and when I feel it needs to be increased, 30% is sufficient for me. Plus I use Shred as a substitute to the main Punch Through mod, and I will explain this next. However, on things like Boltor and Boltor Prime, which kind of have an innate punch through with its ragdolling of enemies, or Bows, which already come with innate punch through when charged, I will choose Speed Trigger over Shred, because the punch through bonus becomes rather redundant.


Punch Through:


(Note: I put this here to explain Punch Through immediately after RoF so Shred and the aforementioned Punch Through mod can be explained directly after addressing RoF)


Punch Through is the mechanic that allows bullets to pass through enemies and solid objects. Solid objects include walls and doors. If you have played Call of Duty, you will be familiar with this concept, and mods that allow for Punch Through or augment its ability is similar to Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) from Call of Duty. This does not have an effect on single target DPS, but may have an effect on your overall damage output, because if you can hit through enemies, hitting multiple at the same time, you may be dealing the same damage per target, but you are also dealing it to multiple targets at once.





Nothing special to note about Metal Auger except it is rather pricey at 15 Mod Points at the max rank. It increases your Punch Through up to 2.1 metres in-game, which I would say is enough to punch straight through 3 Grineer Lancers lined up next to each other. 


Again, the Nightmare Mod mentioned above, Shred, also provides Punch Through. I say I use Shred as a substitute over Metal Auger because I personally find it rare that I will ever utilize 2.1 metres of Punch Through. 1.2 is generally sufficient, I find. Of course this is personal preference. 


Also remember that Metal Auger on Bows, which have innate punch through, is usually rather redundant.


Also, Amprex I believe will arc to two enemies instead of one to start the chain if you have some form of Punch-Through on it. Not 100% sure on this fact however.


Ammunition Capacity:


This refers to the maximum amount of ammunition you can have stored for use, alongside the amount of ammunition you have when you start a mission. For most rifles, this is 1 magazine + 540 spare rounds.




Ammo Drum increases your maximum ammunition capacity by 30%. Nothing much to be said. I guess if you did not pick up any ammunition drops, which itself is highly unlikely, you increase the longevity of your weapon by slightly under 30%, because of the initial full magazine. That means Ammo Drum grants you ammunition capacity bonuses based on your maximum spare rounds. 540 + 30% will become an extra 162 rounds, regardless of whether your first magazine is a 100 round Soma magazine or a 30 round Karak magazine.


Magazine Size:


Also another simple aspect. Larger Magazine Size means more bullets to fire before needing to reload, much like other games that revolve around gunplay. Mods that increase magazine size can be compared to something like Extended Magazines in Battlefield or Call of Duty. Think of it as having a greater burst DPS potential because you can output more damage before needing to reload, or having more leeway in missing shots because you get to fire more rounds before having to reload.





Nothing special about Magazine Warp. Increases your Magazine Size by 30%. A 100 round magazine will now be 130 rounds at max rank.


Nightmare Mods:



This Nightmare mod gives a 20% magazine size increase (10% less than Magazine Warp), but comes with a bonus +60% Fire Damage. In terms of Damage Output, sacrificing 10% magazine size for an extra 60% Fire Damage per bullet is generally more efficient at increasing damage output.


Corrupt Mods:



This Corrupt Mod increases Magazine Size by 66% but decreases reload speed by 33% at max rank. In terms of damage output, this mod generally gives at best a slight increase in DPS. Note that you can almost completely mitigate the reload speed penalty by using a rank 5 Fast Hands, a mod that increases reload speed that I will also talk about later. Also note you cannot use this particular mod on Sniper Rifles or Bows.


Reload Speed:


Reload speed increases the speed at which a new magazine is loaded into the gun. The higher the reload speed, the faster you can continue firing after running out of bullets in your magazine. 

Important: Reload Speed Increase % =/= Decreasing Time for Reload %

To calculate what the actual decrease in reload time is from reload speed, use the following formula:


Base Reload Time / (1 + Reload Speed Increase %)


For example, a gun that originally required 3 seconds to reload, with a 50% reload speed increase results in:


3 / (1 + 0.5) = 2


And 2/3 = 66%, or that the reload time was decreased by 33% rather than 50%.






As it stands, there are no Rifle mods to increase reload speed except this one. Again, self-explanatory. Flat increase of reload speed by 30% at maximum rank.


Accuracy VS. Recoil:


This is generally only an issue when it comes to these three specific mods:




Let me explain each of these mods in detail first.


Heavy Caliber: Increases base damage of a weapon at the cost of accuracy. Much like Serration, additional Elemental damage and Physical damage mods will scale off of this as well as Serration, if you have it on. Generally good for increasing damage output if accuracy is not an issue. Especially good on weapons such as Amprex or Synapse, which suffer virtually no downside from decreased accuracy. At max rank, a 165% Damage increase and a 55% Accuracy decrease. Critical Based precision weapons, e.g. Latron and its variants, Bows, I would not recommend putting this mod on, as to most effectively use these weapons, you have to consistently land headshots, which is much more difficult at range with this mod.


Vile Precision: Reduces recoil at the cost of fire rate. Generally bad for damage output as your fire rate is decreased. A 60% recoil decrease at the cost of 36% of your fire rate at max rank.


Stabilizer: Reduces recoil of weapon. 60% recoil reduction at max rank. I personally use this on my Latron Prime because I find it reduces the time it takes for the recoil to re-center, which means I can fire faster and hit more headshots in a smaller period of time.


Note: Stacking Vile Precision and Stabilizer for over 100% recoil reduction will have no difference than at 100% recoil reduction. If you want maximum recoil reduction, stack a Rank 3 Vile Precision and a max ranked Stabilizer for 100% reduction with the smallest decrease to rate of fire.


Now, a common misconception is that Vile Precision and Stabilizer are able to mitigate the negative effects of Heavy Caliber. Again, this is incorrect. Accuracy refers to the spread of your weapon. When you fire a weapon with Heavy Caliber, your bullets will fire in a cone that is centered at your cursor, and this cone increases the farther away an enemy is. Think of it like the cones for the pellets of shotguns from Battlefield or Call of Duty. Meanwhile, recoil refers to the upward vertical kick of a weapon. Recoil reduction reduces this kick. It does not decrease the cone spread of your weapon if you use Heavy Caliber. Currently there is no mod that increases accuracy.


Ammo Mutations:


Ammo Mutations will turn all ammo drops into a specific kind for you if you have a weapon in hand that has a Mutation mod. Great for rifles that have high ammunition consumption; for example, Synapse and Amprex, or Bows and Snipers, which have ammunition pools that are usually smaller and drop less frequently.


In terms of primary weapons, there are 3 different mutation mods for the four different types of "rifles":



Again, Rifle Ammo is for Rifles, Sniper Ammo is for Snipers, and Arrows are for Bows. Nothing special here. 100% conversion rate for all dropped ammunition. But again, if you have a Bow with Arrow mutation, but you have a melee weapon in hand, ammunition will not be converted, it will only convert when you have bow in hand.


Because ammo drops give different amounts of ammunition, like a Rifle Ammo drop giving 20 rounds while a Bow Ammo drop may only give 1 or 2 arrows, there are conversion rates applied when using this mod. Specifics can be found on the respective Warframe Wiki pages.


Faction Specific Mods:


To keep it simple, these mods will increase your damage output after all other mods have been accounted for by a flat rate, 30% at max rank, for 3 factions, one per mod. These are Corpus, Grineer, and Infested. As a result, in Orokin Void, these mods are useless because there is no Corrupted faction mod. At times replacing a 90% elemental damage mod with one of these will result in higher DPS, but limited to the faction the mod is for. The difference is that elemental damage mods scale only on base damage, affected by Serration and Heavy Caliber, while faction mods scale after all damage, affected by all other mods you place on. For example, a 100 damage weapon with a 50% elemental damage will give a boost of 50 damage of that element. Adding another will give again another 50 damage of another element. If you add a 30% Faction damage mod, you will get a 60 damage bonus rather than 30 because it scales off your 100 base damage and the 100 gained from the elemental bonuses.





Niche Mods:


Last but not least, I will go over mods that are generally considered bad, but have uses for specific weapons or weapon types.


Critical Delay: This is usually considerable for Amprex because it has ridiculously high base Critical Chance, and a ridiculous ammunition consumption rate to follow. Using Critical Delay fits some players play-styles as it reduces the insane rate of ammunition consumption through lowering the rate of fire, while providing an actual benefit to the weapon, Critical Rate increase, unlike Vile Precision, as Amprex has no recoil.



CD is also very good on the Vectis when using manual reloads (no downside) and works well on any critical weapon to make it more focused on headshots (Latron series and the Soma comes to mind).






launcher specific mod, (Ignis, Ogris, Torid, and Penta) this mod will increase the radius of the Area of Effect damage caused by these weapons. The Ignis will have a bigger "cone" of fire and Ogris and Penta explosions will be larger in size. The 24% increase at maximum rank is roughly equal to a 65% increase in explosion volume.



Hopefully this has helped you gain a deeper understanding of modding rifles and expanded the options you consider when modding a new rifle.


If you have any specific modding questions, you can ask the rifle related ones by PMing me or posting a reply, but if the question is not about a rifle, PMing is preferred as this thread is related to rifles.


Edit 1:



Stuff addressed in thread:
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This is great. Tons of good info, presented well.


Ammo Mutations don't give 1-1 conversions, might want to mention that. (not 100% sure on specifics)


Might be worth mentioning that Faction mods are a separate modifier; I know for a while I thought 'ew why would I add 30% when I could add 90%' before I realized they were generally better (worth +120% as an elemental at +300% elementals).


CD is also very good on the Vectis when using manual reloads (no downside) and works well on any critical weapon to make it more focused on headshots (Latron series and the Soma comes to mind).


Firestorm works on the Torid too now.

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to understand better for example we have a rifle to mod

first 4 slots put serration split chamber speed trigger heavyC (or AmmoM ,AmmoD,MagWarp fast hands whatever)

now elemental for Corpus 2 slots goes Magnetic 1slot poison

and finaly here is the question the last slot is preferable for the

second poison elemental OR Bane Corpus???


Thanks again Arabaxus for your effort playing almost a year

and be helped from Darzk many times


thank you both

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