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How Would You Describe Your Play Style?


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For me, Id describe it as front line assault. First space ninja in, last space ninja out.


Even with soft frames like ember ill run straight through a large crowd of enemies and tackle them head on with WoF and a run and gun mentality


For vauban im nearly the same. Using an energy efficient build to cover large in balls of you cant move


The only time i stray from this is with banshee. For her i change my style to the opposite, Playing hold the fort or backline support


Never leave the pod.Stay far away and snipe. Push stun mark debuff. and when things get heavy scream like a little girl

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I tend to play front line assault too.   With all frames. unless I do choose to run with a sniper then I hang back a bit more.   Yet even before the melee changes/Update.  I was rather heavy melee based.    


Ans still am, preferring to go into melee mode and only use a gun if completely needed.

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I just F*** around with Banshee, make fun of other players, polish my Reverb space shark fin, killsteal with my 10 forma Spectra, the usual stuff you do when there's nothing left to do in the game lol. So my playstyle is "IDGAF, i'm a badass Banshee and I can do whatever the F*** I want and if I wanna eat a sandwich and type the lyrics to the Power Rangers theme song with my toes you're gonna take it and there's nothing you can do about"

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Invisible assassin and weapon stealer in the middle of the enemies when i play loki .

Leeroy Jenkins when i play Valkyr .

Sky scout , sniping stuff from the highest place possible with Zephyr .

Chillout at the pod in your globe and let the others enjoy the easy mode as frost .

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slowly running around ( no sliding nor coptering ) searching every corner of  the tileset, killing only what is needed and avoding to spam abilitys

( allready removes WoF from the frame )

try to use the most pakour ( cause they deserve love ) and have fun


and often solo cause the ranDOOMs just rend to rush-kill like hamster on speed

once i was the same ... but after a year ... *sigh*

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nyx is my main


i prefer cc over dps as far as powers go


assuming all my gear is 30 and im serious

i usually stick with my primary usually an automatic assault rifle

saving my secondary usually one of them dual uzi style weapons for when im bleeding out

i tend to only use my powers when my shields down or when a mate is bleeding out


im a conservative player that prefers to set myself up to hit is many monsters as i can in fewer clicks

i do this by letting them bunch up or line up before i shoot with a firearm that has the shred mod or some variation of it

saves ammo


i use melee when the monsters are close and my magazine is empty just so i can get them out of the way

and reload is peace

id rather kill them from afar

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