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Variation, Standardization And Balance


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I think standardization would give the game some needed balance and variation. In particular I've been thinking about melee weapons and frames. 

First of all I think that we should have an incentive to use one weapon type over another. In particular 2 handers, duals and one handers. I would like this structured around accessibility. Specifically your weapons shouldn't have to unrealistically disappear for you to go melee. 


1 handed weapons: I think these should be usable with a secondary. The big advantage would be that not only can you use 1 handed weapons with a secondary you can also use their stance as well. The only reason to switch to them fully is to make use of channeling. 


Dual weapons: I think just the offhand should be usable with a secondary but with no stance. You would have to switch to it to use both blades and the stance. 


2 handed weapons: I think they should get a 25 to 50% damage buff and then you're not able to use them unless you fully switch to them. 


For all weapons, no E spam while using the primary. 


I think this change would give us various play-style options and give the game some realism in melee. It makes more since then your weapons disappearing when you E spam. It also makes 1 handed weapons more viable without relying on gimmicks (IE crimson dervish). Additionally it gives us more options for customization with our secondary. People might be annoyed not being able to get at their 2 handers immediately but a buff should make that more desirable. Also it allows us to look for something more than blank stats. Weapon type actually becomes a real factor beyond the way a stance looks. 2 handers become extremely powerful but you have to commit to them. Dual weapons reward commitment but are versatile enough to allow the option of a secondary. 1 handers add a special new dimension to using secondaries. 


On the subject of frames I think the stats are all over the place and could use some consistency. I think we should have heavy frames, medium frames and light frames. 

Light frames: High speed but low armor, shields and life. Ex: Loki, Volt (why should he be a turtle without energy?), Mirage, Nova, and what Zephyr (Honestly, speed, shields, health and a defensive power???)

Medium frames: Moderate stats all around. Ex: Excalibur, Ash (absolutely no reason to have so much life),Banchee, etc


Heavy frames: Lower speed but high armor, shields and life. Valkyr, Rhino, Frost, Vauban?, Oberon, Ember (come on all her powers require short range)

Alternatively they could be separated into caster, stealth and tank. 

Caster: High energy, medium speed, medium shields, and low/medium health and armor. These frames rely on their powers a lot and try to stay out of fire. Quick thinking becomes useful again. 


Stealth: High speed, high shields, medium to low energy, low health and low armor. For these frames the game play becomes dynamic. The frame shields to tank a bit of damage but the lack of health and armor lends itself well to hit and run tactics. You strike, run for cover and wait for your shields to recharge, rinse and repeat,


Tank: High health and armor, medium shields, low speed and energy. These frames usually have a defensive ability but dont rely on energy a lot.They can wade deep into battle and stay right in the fray for much longer. 


Either way, the game just becomes more intuitive when organized like this. DE announces that a frame is going to be light or stealth and you know what youre getting. Right now the stats are all over the place and some of them dont even make sense. 



Thank you for reading :)

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I like the Frame categories, and I agree with you, those make sense more than what we have now.  Caster Stealth Heavy makes sense to me, though the traditional Light Medium Heavy is probably what everyone else is thinking.  And yes indeed, I like Secondary/Single combo with going to full draw melee to use the Stance combos. Makes perfect sense to me.

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