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Srivival Mission End Glitch, Freeze/restart (With Picture)


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Okay, this is happening more frequently. Any node, with survival. Get through with the mission and head back to the ship. You not only don't get to see the rewards screen, but the game dims its brightness on a sort of TV pattern screen, and you can't exit. You're stuck at the console with no actions available and forced to exit/restart the game. This is it from last night:




Here's the full sized link you can see the overlay pattern: 




Thankfully the rewards are received, but the freeze stops everything. 


Also having trouble with unknown lag that keeps enemies/players teleporting places since I'm not caught up to real time I guess. My connection is solid and fast. 


The games stability has greatly decreased post U14 in many places. Freezes, lagging, unable to react with environment, rewards floating far above the ground....

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