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Peanut's Mod Shop

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I am Peanut, and I'm selling mods.

Nightmare mods, rare mods, auras, etc.

A few specifics worth noting: Spoiling Strike, Streamline, Metal Augar, Natural Talent, Lethal Torrent, Serration, Constitution, Ice Storm, Hell's Chamber, Dead Eye Aura, Sniper Scavenger Aura, Sprint Boost Aura, Cleaving Whirlwind Stance, Seismic Palm Stance, Gleaming Talon Stance, Tranquil Cleave Stance, Crimson Dervish Stance


Also have a few prime blueprints: Ember Prime Chasis, Boar Prime Stock, Latron Prime, Dakra Prime, AKBronco


Accepting Plat or we can work out a trade.
Message me on Xbox.
GT: The Peanut Dude

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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