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Ember Accelerant Only Benefiting Host

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I've mained Ember Prime for a while now, and during that time it has always bothered me that the bonus damage from accelerant only seems to benefit the host and noone else in the group.


I've tested this quite a few times and if I solo or if I am hosting a game I will receive the bonus damage from accelerant, but in games where I am not hosting I get nothing.


To clarify the circumstances: I am the one casting accelerant and still I don't get any bonus damage on targets affected by it unless I am hosting the game.


Very annoying bug, and judging from some other posts regarding the same issue this has been in the game for quite some time (atleast since U13 as far as I can tell).


I love playing Ember, I never played WF when she had overheat, but I do know she needs all the love she can get from DE.



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