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Underwhelming (Void Secret Rooms)


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The Void towers contain puzzles which unlock secret rooms and treasures.  For the work it requires to open the rooms, energy cubes and health orbs seem a little undererwhlming.  Opinions?  Anyone else found anything in the game that might need tweeking?

Some of  those mods are unavailable anywhere else, sans the ever-reliable transmutation.

The shield-restore one for the sentinel comes to mind.

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The vaults are the best place to get the Guardian sentinel mod, probably one of the most desired sentinel ones at that. It has the sentinel regen your shields as they deplete, and at max rank, it recharges it completely. Not to mention that the chances of finding rare mods is pretty high.

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The puzzle/parkour vaults drop some rather good stuff sometimes. It was how I got my first Flow and Sanctuary mods.

I'm still trying to get that Sanctuary one. As soon as I get that, I just have to max all the sentinel mods out and forma them a few times and I'll never have to touch their mods again.

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If you run them enough, you will be surprised.







Barrel Diffusion (can confirm, got this the other day from one of these rooms)


Get a frame that can knockdown/stun Capture targets, grab a weapon that can effectively kill them before they can get up, and lastly grab a weapon that can copter. Nab the two targets, and search every hallway on the way to each target and to extraction.


Once you get in a groove of doing this, not only will you grab some quick credits from your capture keys, you will gain the reward at the end AND gain a chance to maybe grab a void only/or special mod.


Keep in mind, when you already have all the mods or most of them, doing these is pointless.


But if you are a new player, doing those challenge rooms MAY seem like a huge waste.


Until you get that first Flow that you earned. Until you get that first Continuity that you earned. ETC.


I want MORE of these kinda rooms honestly.

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OP is right, these rooms could use work.

Previous posts of mine on this:




Anyways, these rooms are usually fun to do and DE already complained about players ignoring all the stuff. First of all, lockers contain less than adequate valuables, so most players plain forget them. Putting valuable stuff in them would help and void would become much more fun.


Also, as mentioned in those posts too, Argon and the other new resources are completely unnecessary for the game and only make it bothersome.

I myself work, get up at 4am and get home at 6pm. I rarely have the time to play that much Warframe in the weekdays and imagine someone with a less powerful profile. They aren't necessarily able to play T4 missions or whatnot to get 4 argons for an item in 20 minutes or so. They play something, get 1-2 argons, then the next day they only have 1 again... so when they would be able properly to try out/ play with the item they have built during the week, on the weekends, they have to use that time to actually get argon and even though they can do that fast when they have time, it will take time to build it even... so in some cases they have to wait till the next weekend so they can properly level the stuff.

That's annoying (wanted to write bullsh*t but that would be too low of me).

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