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Mutalist Quanta Instant Reloading Bug.


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I have been buying and building every weapon to rank to 30 in order to complete all weapons on my codex as a personal goal (I know this is impossible due to not having all event weapons). I had just built the Mutalist Quanta and started a leveling survival. During the mission, I started the reload animation and waited to see when the weapon would identify a full reload (noticed some weapons were finished reloading before the animation or reload circle was complete). I noticed that with this weapon, my magazine was filled as soon as pressing R. This has made the weapon easy to use but a bug that might effect pvp. Starting the reload then hitting the melee or rolling would interupt the animation but the mag was filled anyways. In a pvp sence, a Mutalist Quanta could be used far faster then planned by development. I have not been able to ask to see if others have this bug, but a fix would be in order to make this equal to other weapons.

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