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What Happends After The Mission Fails?


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I always like to think tenno don't really die. I mean they can die, but when the systems and their health depletes entirely, the systems shut down and they just paralize. Lifeless, motionless puppets until they're teleported by the Lotus, picked up by a squad member and awkwardly thrown into the Liset, etc, and nursed back to health with the Frames fixed.


If pods and such explode, they're just gone, dead, over, done, onto finding the next.

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Well why not.


In case of "death", Lotus sends in an extraction team to get you. Can't have you falling into enemy hands, the last thing we need is SAlad V reviving you and torturing you.


For all other failed attempts you lazily walk to extraction off screen as Lotus reprimands you for it while comparing you to here star warframe and how you should be more like him/her.

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You wake up in your ship only to notice that all missions you go on are just dreams and you are not a guardian of anything but a Cosmonaut that has gone insane on the search for life and now make demented fantasies of the fate Earth has had for leaving you to die in the lonesome wasteland known as space.

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Basically it how I once heard the "Snake, snake... SNAAAAKE!" line from MGS described as non-canon: "because the real snake would never make your trivial mistakes and get himself killed".


So, basically, our mission failures are non-canon, since the real Tenno would never make our trivial mistakes and fail a mission.

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I feel your mental anguish farsamir7 ...


This glaring inconsistency of versimilitude is - and will always be - the biggest idiocy of "make believe", be it adult video gaming or kid's playing army or cowboys and aliens

Until the day "game over" means "start over", there is no way of fixing it

The closest Warframe comes to this is when your Kubrow is killed, but all one need do is close the program which erases all progress and there - presto! - Fido is busy chewing on Ordis's plumbing again


But the paradoxical universe of infinite lives isn't limited to the player, oh no as an another stupidity in killing the same Boss over and over ...

How many times did you off Sprag and her ugly sister during this event?



A gazillion times I'd bet

And yet there they are again, saying the same stupid stuff, making the same stupid mistakes and getting their chops busted nearly - if not every time

What is the deal there?

Couldn't the "resurrected" be just a bit better?   What, is it they can't remember?

Must be since they never say "Hey bub, you just got lucky last time ..."


There are games that do that - it's just that they are not typically in the top 10 on the pop charts

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