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Kubrow "prime"


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An idea I have toyed around with in my head a while with.


Edit: Someone did suggest just making void/infested eggs. Though any other ideas of acquirement would be welcome, though this originally wasn't gonna be about just hatching more eggs (enough RNG as there is) its a way to give current kubrows more long term use and actually give them some actual "growth" from your decisions.


Once a kubrow reaches its peak of maturity (rank 30) the idea is to unlock a series of missions that would expose the kubrow to void energy, similar to the pilot of a warframe. Once exposed enough the kubrow would become sickly and unusable, at which stage you would have to make a choice.


The mission in question would require your kubrow to complete certain objectives, like locating a key or something you couldn't find alone, so you aren't just bringing it with you to make it sick by game standards, it would actually be something you "Have" to do.


Enhance the kubrow with Tenno cybernetic enhancements, turning it into a kubrow "prime" form increasing its effectiveness and granting it new abilities, at the same time as a new look and ceasing genetic degeneration in exchange for loss of the health boost and lower base health, instead having higher base armour and shields that could be boosted via link mods.


The second choice, and kinda crueler, would be to extract the void imprint, breaking down the kubrow to gain its "essence" that would be implanted within a fertile kubrow egg that has been infected with a unique technocyte virus strain giving birth to a void enhanced "infected" kubrow giving it different abilities to the prime, but leaving it with genetic destabilization and removing loyalty, instead having higher base vitality and attack that would need to be maintained, with lower shields and armour.


The idea of this "That obviously needs work" would open up some unique avenues for kubrows and their growth, here are some abilities I had in mind.


Sunika Prime:

Crash: Smashes into a group of enemies dealing moderate damage and damages their weapons leaving them having to resort to melee


Void phase: The kubrow becomes on with the void, taking reduced damage and enabling it to strike enemies whilst ignoring armour, possible applying this to its master too.


Infested Sunika:

Drain: Teas into an opponent, using biomass "extracted" from the opponent to fuel its own body healing it and increasing its armour and healing it for a short period.


Infest: Using its innate bacteria it creates a toxin that once entered into the enemy target any moving parts in machine and cybernetics slowing or stopping the enemy dead for a short time.


Void Raska:

Void call: Pulls several void "ghosts" into the Frey, these "ghosts" would be smaller kubrows who deal no damage and run towards enemies, only on their destruction would they release a cloud of void particles wreaking havoc on enemy shields and weapons lowering shield and weapon effectiveness for a time.



Loyalty: Upon seeing its master fall the Kubrow would pour all but 1 of its health into its master, reviving the frame with that much health, but leaving the kubrow weak. (have a limit to the amount of times this can be done per game maybe?"


Infested Raska

Madness: Tears at all around it, making a lot of noise and releasing spores that make enemies fearful, targeting the kubrow rather than the warframes, the spores would increase the kubrows damage resistance and increase its output as well giving you a chance to regroup if you need it.


Rest: The kubrow rests upon the ground at low health, or when the master is at low health, creating  small area around it filled with decoys the enemies shoot and spores that heal anyone in the area and add some buffs such as damage resistance.


Void Huras:

Pounce: Uses the power of the void to teleport itself above an unsuspecting enemy and then smashes down upon them, dealing high damage to one foe.


Chameleon: Uses its own powers to alter how it is seen against a single foe, turning them into an unsuspecting target for their former allies. (Think nyx mind control, but the enemy is still an enemy, just everyone else thinks he is too)


Infested Huras


Twist: Enemy fire upon the kubrow gets reflected back at the enemies firing for a short time.


Infect: Bites into an enemy inflicting it with the technocyte virus, provided the enemy is viable, they will after a short time they will twist and change becoming a "friendly" infested unit, increasing the mod strength may increase the range of enemies it can affect, form the weak guys to heavies, or the percentage of health an enemy has to have before they can be infected.




Void Sahasa:

Pulse, emits a sonar pulse similar to banshee, but instead shows all loot in a large area on your map, and shows close enemies through walls, but gives no damage bonuses, also couples with scavenge increasing the chance of locked lockers being able to be opened and increases its own dig ability making it temporarily have a higher chance to find high value items.


Understanding: Converts unaffiliated beasts to your side, basically summoning local creatures to help you,  and for tiles without local animals it would just be feral kubrows.


Infested Sahasa


Devour: Using its technocyte virus it would devour and convert the body of a dead or severely weakened foe into biomass, increasing its health and strength for a set period of time, this may or may not stack.


Mug: The Kubrow strikes an enemy in the worth place imaginable, their wallet causing them to drop items you wouldn't find during quick looting of their corpse (basically hits them for a slightly increased amount of damage and makes the drop items)


Any ideas, suggestion, or thoughts on powers or ways to make this better please post below!

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I'll just leave my quote here

Prime Kubrows is probably dumbest idea I'll ever hear, it's like saying a baby will naturally have gold at some of his body parts. Prime Kubrow armor yes.

Edit: You weren't playing around with the word cruel, the fact that someone would be willing to torture there Kubrow into thst is horrible, Valkyr in animal form I guess

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Well you could follow the story like this. Take the corpus boss Jackal in the other update, have him create a hybrid half corpus/void Kubrow breed


Jackal creates an entirely new genetic breed of prime kubro's! Sahasa Prime Hursa prime! Forged by the hands of evil, only to later realize that the kubrow mentalaity had become layal to tenno! The enemies lock them in cages and raise them to fight for dominance in his ELITE force of prime kubrow species! This genetically enhanced breed of Kubrow is built with the finest gold plated corpus armor, and genetically mutated void DNA the new breed, THE MOSTERS OF ALL KUBROWS: SAHASA PRIME & HURSA PRIME.

It's now up to the Tenno to invaid the vial breeding grounds, and save this precious and most rare breeds of kubrow! as it is another step forward for Tenno battle campanions!!!!

New genetically enhanced void egg
New genetically enhanced void DNA stabilizing kits
New genetically enhanced void Incubator

3 days to mature!

MAYBE SOME HELMETS/ and with my armor for kubrow idea said, MAYBE the leg armor and chest armor from FRAMES could be used on KUBROS!!

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