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I Tried To Ignore Connection Issues...but Its Starting To Get To Me.


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In the good old days, when I started, I was able to host and be invited without any problems. Keep in mind that I haven't changed anything in my internet connection and the firewall is perfectly fine. Then I believe it was around February, close to the oxium event, that all of a sudden I couldn't host without having a Dropped Connection. Void keys were out the window since I would be dropped once the key was being used. Regular missions were fine and I in turn found a work around to be able to go into void missions.


Now with the update that gave us the new UI and the Kubrow's I immediately never DC-ed, was able to host till my heart contented, and nothing was wrong across the board. Then for the past 2-3 weeks, absolutely nothing has been correct. I cannot host, instant DC, I cannot be invited until after host is in the key, instant DC(at launch), and now even regular mission nodes across the solar system, instant DC.


I go into a mission, nobody is around, I click Play Now, 5 second timer starts, somebody joins and they get dropped once it hits 0. In with a random squad, timer at 16 seconds counts down, I get kicked out and go in by myself. I get invited to help out newer players, in mission I get host migration(sometimes, luckily not all missions maybe 1 in 15-20), they ask me "wtf?" you dropped, I respond "you left; host migration", *@##$iness ensues on both parts...


I would love to keep playing past my one year anniversary since I joined this magnificent community and game on the 27th of this month last year, but, this connection issue I got is starting to get to me. And let it be said this game is like crack to me and I have been playing almost everyday for the past year; would have gotten a "perfect attendance" if my previous computer didn't break down some months ago and I couldn't log in for a week.


P.S. Forgot to mention, that I did lower ping limit to lowest and highest numbers at times, and in hosting void keys I did ask my invites to lower/increase their own to see if that helped, it didn't.

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There's been worldwide connectivity issues recently. You have to understand that connectivity isn't such a simple thing and that there are many middlemen between one player and the other.


Lvl 3 IN is one of many suffering network issues. You can see the affected area here: http://maps.level3.com/default/

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