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Trading Imprints Bug


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Im not sure if this has been mentioned but when I was trading a imprint i accidently clicked on the slot that i had my kubrows imprint on so i decided to click on the imprints section and then click exit so i could get back to the main trading screen (i apoligise if this is confusing) But when i got to the imprints section, because i had already selected the imprint i wanted to trade of course there was no imprint because it was selected but the bug was i couldnt press the exit button and nothing was working so i had to relog mid trade and invite the guy i was trading with back again anyone else experiancing this poory described bug?


Also i feel the trading system should be easier for everyone to get the trade they wanted instead of posting what they want to trade in a endless wall of noise that makes it impossible to get noticed.


Sorry i dont have any screenshots of this it pasted my mind to do so : (

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