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This Is What I Do On My Off Time While I Wait For Things To Build


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so im an odd, while i wait for things to finish in foundry i do this, i write warframe related songs.

yeah this is what my brain makes. ... 

have you seen my tenno blues song post on here too, its super dumb don't read it!



speeding through the galaxy , at a speed even light cant keep in pace.
really wishing ordis would shut his digital face.
dropping into ceres, and ive come to find,
all this planet is now infested.
and im stuck here with no back up on its way.
the infested are coming nearer!
and death is creeping closer!
the air is thick with spores,
and the walls are covered in something really gross
but ive got a master plan
to help me escape this infected hell
its just me and my kubrow in this place
all ive got is sheeve to shove in their disgusting face
its so clearer now
ive gotten through,
ive kill them all now,
there's no infested to be found,
ive sheeved right through,
hear my kurbow howl,
their all dead now
and ive made it out,
so ordis pick me up, id like to leave this infected hell
the spores are making it hard to breathe and phorid is getting nearer
and id really not like to stay.
Bleeding out wasn't my plan for the day
Phorid's super gross and his face wierds me out
so ordis
please get here NOW!
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