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Founder Weapons - A Plan To Make Them Viable.


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they are what they are, you cant expect a lato prime to be in line with sicarus prime, you have your stupid exclusive, unless you want to start a petition to make founder items available, just enjoy your exclusive items.

You have completely missed the point, OP is merely asking to make the founders weapons as skins for something that is an equivalent and makes sense. Someone suggested to give the Skana and Lato P. the same stats as Darkra and Lex Prime at least, so the founders weapons won't suck and no one is missing out on anything stat-wise.

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I'm trying, but they're practically useless.

Useless? Not entirely. Not that great? Yeah, sure. 


I use my Lato Prime which I've forma'ed a few times and I use it just for fun as it sounds and looks nice. Wouldn't have said it was practically useless though. Serves some sort of purpose for some people.

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