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Wtt For Lex Prime Bp, I Have Primes And Arcane Helmets

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This post is now obsolete.


I am looking for a Lex Prime BP.  If you have it, I would be willing to trade you one of the following for it.


Prime parts:


Boar Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Barrel/Receiver/Stock

Bronco Prime Barrel/Receiver

Burston Prime Barrel

Mag Prime BP/Helmet/Chassis

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Latron Prime BP/Barrel


Arcane Helmets:


Gauss Mag

Meridian and Aura Trinity

Menticide Nyx

Nova Flux


P.S. - If you have a pistol dual-stat mod that increases stat chance + elemental damage other than Pistol Pestilence, I would be willing to trade for that as well.


- Sully The Stalker

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