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Idea For The Faction(S): Nullification Generators, And Nullification Units.


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So one thing I'm sure everyone has noticed is that the Factions are near useless when face to face with Tenno powers. Anything that is Crowd Control can basically disable or weaken them (with little to no chance of countering), they are helpless against abilities that destroy the room, etc...


So I was thinking about it, and came up with this idea as a way of them being able to counter us; Nullification Generators.


Nullification Generators are special generators constructed using Void/Orokin Materials. What they do is create a wide "Nullification Field" around them that cancels out Warframe abilities, and provides a "barrier" for the respective Faction against Tenno Powers. 


However these Generators eat through energy and fuel at an alarming rate, making them only useable in confirmed combat situations. This means they only become activated when the alarm has been sounded and the Faction knows you're there. 


Due to the incredibly thick armor of these generators (due in part to how costly it is to make) most weapons will leave only dents. However Tenno can access the console connected to the generators to shut them down. 


Nullification Units are special Support Units who stick farther back and use the more advanced long range weaponry (Buzlok for Grineer, Lanka for Corpus) to provide protection and support for their allies. They are slower but more heavily armored than most other Units, giving them a fairly high degree of survivability. 


The Infested do not have access to the Nullification Generators, but they will have "Void-Born" Units that basically fill the same role as the Nullification Units.


(Possibly later on certain bosses could be given Personal Nullification Generators that'll be weaker than the others which'll give them more survivability against players without making powers totally useless.)

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