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Stasis Slot, What's Their Current Situation As Of 9/19?



Was I supposed to have 3 slots? I only, ever had 2. Also, there are no other issues with the purchase of slots, right? The whole many visible slots bug has been taken care off it seems. 


I want to purchase 1-2 more, but I just want to make sure it is free of know bugs atm.

(we only get 1 per 10 plat, right? if so, that's expensive, considering all the other costs associated with kubrows)


Since I made a topic, anyone care to tell me if the breeding process is a random choice between the two parents? or do I get to pick what I want? For example, I have 1 scrawny Sunika with the lotus symbol, and another Sunika that is all into body building. A lean, mean killing machine. Anyway, I hoping to get the lotus symbol from one, the body type of the other, and the breed from both.

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