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Rank Up Bug


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I'm gold seeker and ready to rank to hunter so when i pressed the rank up button the game loaded and i returned back to the ship, when i tried to do the mission again i was notified that i have to wait for more 24 hours as if i failed it 


things that might help:

I live in Egypt and internet sux here so my bad connection might be the cause

i'm on a geforce gt 620 and its a bit buggy display card (hopefully i can save to get a new one... wish me luck) 



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im rank 16 this happens to me about 4-5 times i think i found solution

do not click on Rankup from navigation menu. 


Or if u change loadout and go to navigation it will crash 90% blackscreen returned and 24hours wait.


Best way


Pick loadout u want to use in test

restart game


Just start the rankup from middle of the ship and it will work.

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Crazy idea - how about the game actually checks for a mission failure screen before locking you out for 24 hours?

As in, the mission actually has to flag itself as started, then one of a couple valid failure states happen that are the player's fault and then you get locked out. You know, as in, proper, clean programming?

I don't get the 24 hour lock-out anyway, but hey, I don't mind it - as long as it works properly!

Warframe needs a bug-crush month.

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