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Wts Various Mods And Prime Parts

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WTS Mods





Antitoxin, Flow, Fortitude, Narrow Minded, Streamline.





Accelerated Blast, Blaze, Charged Shell, Cryo Rounds, Hammer Shot, Hellfire, Incendiary Coat, Infected Clip, Ravage, Shred, Stabilizer, Stormbringer, Thunderbolt, Vital Sense.





Barrel Diffusion, Convulsion, Deep Freeze, Gunslinger, Heated Charge, Ice Storm, Steady Hands.




Energy Channel, Fever Strike, Focus Energy, Heavy Trauma, Molten Impact, North Wind, Power Throw, Shocking Touch, Spoiled Strike, Sundering Strike.





Burning Wasp, Coiling Viper, Crimson Dervish (40p), Fracturing Wind, Gemini Cross, Gleaming Talon (40p), Iron Phoenix, Reaping Spiral, Shattering Storm, Sundering Weave.





Coolant Leak, Guardian (Maxed).










Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, Physique, Pistol Scavenger, Rejuvenation, Rifle Scavenger, Shield Disruption, Shotgun Scavenger, Sniper Scavenger, Speed Holster, Steel Charge.



Note: PM me for prices.



WTS Prime Parts and Blueprints



Akbronco P BP, Boar P BP/Receiver, Boltor P Stock, Ember P Helmet, Frost P Chassis, Mag P BP, Paris P BP/Lower Limb, Rhino P Systems. 5 plat each.

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