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Improving Element Damage Works /w Weapons + Mods Ideas.


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I been thinking that the FX effects of element damges types could be improved so it doesn't just seem to be tacked on to weapons. But actually feel like your using a moddfied weapon with say ice modded on. Instead of just being on the barrel, it should also effect how the weapon is used and fired.

Then maybe weapons wouldn't bore people or atleast refine the whole weapon Damage system more, so each weapon actually feels and work different then being a reskin, in the way the weapon fires or melee weapons moves, how it effect the map as well the targets, the ammount of sound it makes echo thru the map if it loud on a %, or soft, which cause people to come running, then make the quiet mod actually mutes the weapon or lowers it based on the % that it has in the mod.  

Fire mode mods like single,Semi and auto should exist for certain weapons, like how we have firestorm for RLs and flamethrowers. Maybe a overcharge mod for enegry weapons that charges. Wher eit does more damage when you charge it longer but at the cost of using alot of ammo and overheat doing damge to the players if helt down too long at the overcharge level. Mods that can cause non charged enegry weapons to fire a wider beam or bigger beam at a slower rate and shorter range 10secs with a cool down before you can do it again due to over heating.
Maybe a mod which adds a laser sight moderm or alien to certain weapons, or a scope to sniper rifles that zoom in with a dot with the normal aiming dot gone that comes with all guns. Throw able weapons that explode could have a mod which adds a timer or changes how they work and each one would be different.

Here some element idea's for elements in general and the element mod cards. corssive weapons actually oozing out acid and not just a spray of acid. Ice if it weapon shoot shards of ice or bullet, if it a beam a actual ice beam and not a re-designed laser with a different animation even a quick freezing liqud that turns stuff to ice on contact or slowy.

Generally element damages sould be more refine in the way it is used or the way the weapons reacted to using it. Because right now it feels like the only way to really show that your using it is to change the color of the enegry on the weapons.

Here some idea's how to make it look like your using the elements on your weapons, tacking it to the barrel is not good enough. Make Rifles shoot a bolt of lighting or balls or bullet of lighting or whatever based on the type of weapon. For fire Lava,liquid fire, plasma,and fire ball if it is a bullet or encased if it a grenade/Rocket, non charged beam, charged beam.

Explosive weapons should have it in the blast, like Orgis if you had toxic on, there should be toxic animation out when the rocket or grenades goes off.ooze or splashes acid or refined toxic gas or toxic waste splash, shards of ice or liquid nitrogen.

For melee weapons maybe have lighting arches off melees when you attack with it and varies depending on the way the melee weapon is used I guess with the style mods that is used. If its a simple whip hit then a stike hit should do a zap animation when the lighting element goes off. Or if it a whip hit that does a area attack and it triggers the element then a area lighting element animation should play. If it blast element type, then a explosion. If their muiti element damage types. If a user have blast, toxic, then a explosion should happen with toxic included splashing or dripping. Even go as far of badguys steping in acid left over from a weapon that hasn't dried up taking damage and melting on death. Or warframe players that burn up to ashes after bleed out timer runs out based on what element they was hit with even explode if it was blast damage, instead of just laying there like a doll.

I understand this might not be possbile do to the phsyic engine that they are using. But the game supports phsyx and phsyx 3.0 been out for a very long while and it allows for the cpu to handle the effects much better across muiti cores and threads, with phsyx 3.0 every one will be able to experience it including AMD users and not just the nvidia users,So it wouldn't be limited to some people. 

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