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The Orders Of The Orokin Empire's Inquisition; Tenno Intelligence Division


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I've been looking at a lot of the other posts that have been mentioned by the devs, two standing out in particular. One, being the Pirates, and Two being the Red Veil rising posts, which have gotten me to think about possibilities of other Tenno factions, other than say, clans. Because it would be crazy to think that no one would have other ideals or goals then to try to wipe out the Grineer, one by one. And now I bring up that not everyone has the best of opinions on the lotus, several of my friends bringing up the fact that she treats most missions as live fire exercises rather than military operations (The exceptions being Events and the G3, to which she tells you to run.) Some Tenno might have left the Lotus's influence because they don't trust her, or some might even be keeping an eye on her to make sure that the greater well-being of the Tenno is looked after, above the Lotus's goals. 


Thus, I bring the concept of the Inquisition, who would work similarly to the CIA or MI6 in covertly taking care of their problems from afar, rather than constant boarding actions and executions. Another function of the Inquisition would be to act like the SCP foundation and/or SHIELD, because there are Void artifacts and Items that really, really should have an eye kept on them. 

It's just an idea. I just wanted to put it out there.

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Nobody expects the Spanish Orokin Inquisition!


Anyways, on a more serious note: this could be cool. There's some hints in the lore that the Orokin were pretty afraid of the void, so an organization dedicated to containing its influence seems logical. Not sure about that name though.


not bad, but we have stalker faction, if i call correctly stalker was a tenno


Stalker isn't a faction, at least that we know of, and it's never been confirmed he's a Tenno. He wasn't one during the time of the Orokin at least.

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