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Archwing Design Notes And Nods


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Before you go on, this is a thread for visual and function design for the new "Archwing" interstellar fight platform. It's rather specific and I'll go into the requirements for posts detail later.


Ideas for how Archwing will look. More like wings, or more like a jet pack?

Ideas for how Archwing will function: Can you land on the floating debris?

Also, any comments on the ideas of other Posters is okay, as long as you keep an open mind about them and state reasonable counter-arguments.

A few thing to get started from my end:

I thing the Melee of the Archwing platform is a bit... much. Too ungainly and big, it looks more like a bludgeoning stick then a instrument of the Tenno.

Also, the "Wings" are halfway between wings and a jetpack. Some clarity as to which side of the fence they are would be helpful.

The auto-equipped gun looks awsome, but is it only available through Archwing? And what type of gun is it in the first place?

In corpus invasion missions part of the tileset is already in space, wouldn't it be cool if you could use Archwing there as well?

Some updates on what the restrictions of the Archwing technology would be very informative.

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How do I check what forum post this one just got merged into? I can't figure it out.


They got merged into your OP. Double posting is generally considered bad form, it's better to just make one big post.


Anyways, I'm reserving judgement until I actually see it. Things often change a lot from the devstream preview to the update itself.

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