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Passing through a wall


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During a griefed and then bugged mission, I started wandering around and found a spot where I could jump through a wall.

To be specific on the location, it was a room like one of the generator rooms. Large overall room, ledges at either door, with stairs up to a second floor with a wall and doors on the lower and upper levels. Mirrored on the other side from the center where the generator is sometimes. Though at other times it can be an empty room.

The trick used to pass through the wall was that I walked to the wall where there was a stairway with a rail beside it against the wall. When you walk against that rail and hit jump, Volt at least, but probably every tenno does their standard vault onto the rail. When you finish the animation some of the time you can end up in the wall. Then you can just walk through the wall to the other side.

Some people could probably abuse it to edge walk through levels, but it would be difficult because there is very little walking space there. If you step just one step passed the wall you will fall off the ever so small bit of ground because there is no ground outside the wall.

Still, it can possibly be abused and needed to be reported. I did a search and only found an issue that can be used in a similar way, the loki wall bug. It just involves a way to get your model part way into a wall which then lets you pass through.

Didn't test with other warframes (Don't have any yet and trying to outwait a griefer.) And didn't test other rails against walls because well I took that step that caused me to fall off and after a shortwhile of infinite falling, you die.

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