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If/when We Get Streamlined Community Content Updates


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Please remember to allow the community to model new rooms and accessories for our dojos. There's not enough time in the day to make all of the little knickknacks and furnishings I'm sure most of us would like to see filling our clan halls. Allowing the community to push their own furniture labels and churn out fashionable new couches and tables would be pretty sweet.


And I mean that about "labels," as well.


It would be very neat if "Community Content" was recognized in-game as the product of various Tenno/Tenno sub-factions. (Read: Clans) When it finally is streamlined, it would be great if DE could moderate content based on style-likeness, or how well it uses established lore. (IE: Inclusion of Tenno/Grineer/Corpus script.)


(Broad topic is broad, didn't post it in Dojo Feedback because of the tail end of the post focusing on Community Content, but feel free to move it as you will.)

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