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Idea - Dojo Invasions


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So, today i was being bored in the dojo and thought that it would be awesome to have ocasional invasions in the dojo. It would bring the clan more together :)

-it would happen every two weeks.
-the longer it would be, the more damage it would do.
  -the damage could be repaired after the invasion, by common resources
-as always 4 player co-op :)
-sometimes warlords would apear (such as Lt. Leech Krill or Neff Anyo)

-it would have score like operations and rewards

  -also bonus rewards if the high ranking members can afford them :)

-after each completion you would get random rare resources
-after the invasion ,if you get the appropriate score, you would get a defender emblem

If you have any ideas how to enhance my idea feel free to post it.
(Also sorry for any mistakes in grammar:)

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