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Poll - What Frame Should I Get Next?



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Nyx first. She's awesome!


Nova trivializes the game a little imo so she'd be last.

I'd vote for Nova to be the latter too.


And for Nyx, well we're about to get its prime so maybe you'd want to hold onto that one, you may see so many and get tired of her. But yes, she's awesome.


I love Saryn as she's kinda tanky and deals so much damage.


Zephyr is super fun to play with.

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Don't listten to people that like him, doesn't know how to play a cetain frame.

Main Rhino I guess?


Wouldn't count on it, he has a Nekros icon... but y'never cant tell!


Zephyr would be my pick of the lot, she's super-fun, super-mobile, and can take a surprising amount of damage. I'm also gonna say Nova would be my last choice... though Antimatter Drop and Wormhole are fun.

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I voted Nova, but a lot of people say that for your second warframe you should get Rhino because he's really beefy and can take a lot of hits.

 I picked valkyr as my second for this reason. She is awesome and has the best butt in the game. Also, rhino looks dumb. Although arbitrary, I still need my character to look cool to enjoy a game.

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