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Poll - Do You Prefer Memorable Or Atmospheric Music


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I've just watched an episode of Extra Credits about music, and realised the difference between memorable and atmospheric music.


So tenno... Let me ask you...

Would you prefer more hummable, catchy single tone melody music, or the current, more atmospheric one.

Or maybe a mixture of both? Metroid prime did it, what's to say that warframe can't either.

I know I would prefer memorable music any day of the week, especially considering how ridiculous this game can get; but that's my opinion. What is yours? Edited by Lukap99
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A mix is best.  You use want to use powerful, memorable story music to BUILD a mood and smooth, unobtrusive atmospheric music to CARRY a mood.


For example, here is a specimen from Freespace 2.  Briefing music plays during the mission briefing, when you are doing nothing but watching the presentation given to you about the enemies and your objectives.  It's used to give you a first taste of the mood of the mission. In this case, Briefing 4 is story music building a sinister, oppressed mindset.



But once you get into the actual mission, Freespace 2's soundtrack is more like this; basically forgettable and just serving to set the pace for the action.


(ambient; idle)


(combat backgrounds)

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