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<<[The Stellarum Freehold]>> ~ Active Clan ~ 260+ Members ~ Full Dojo ~ 100% Research Complete ~ Emblem ~ Very Active Raidcall


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Tenno, we need you. The Old War is over and our enemies run rampant across the System. We can't fight them alone. Even a snowflake can cause an avalanche. Be our snowflake, Tenno. We have weapons we think you'd like and a large voice chat community. We hold regular events and contests with great prizes. Together, we will be unstoppable.


We have very few requirements of our members, but we do require you to be active. 15 days or more of unexplained inactivity will get you kicked. Also, we regularly do Solar Rails, so we're always in need of credits and resources, though we don't require you to donate (And regular donations are a great way to show your commitment/ rise up the ranks).


Pictures of our Dojo:



1st Floor



2nd Floor



Spawn room


Want to join? Awesome! Leave your in-game name here or PM me [ceradon] in-game. (Make sure that you're not already in a clan :D)

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Invite sent to you, Taterman. Welcome to the family!


@Amriel32 seems you already found a clan. If you have, good luck to you there :) If not, leave a reply and make sure you've left your current clan and I'll send you and invite when I can.

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