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New Way To Get To The Void?


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What if, after this event, DE made it so the only way to get the Void or Derelict was through using the new Void portals?


IF DE was to do so, this is how I would think it would play out:

You equip whatever key you want to do a void mission, then travel to a mission with a known portal, then put in your equipped key (like entering the vaults in the Derelict), then you all step through the portal, then the game loads whatever key you put in, then begin your Void or Derelict mission. When you have completed the mission, you go back through the portal and extract from wherever you began.


I know this is not as convenient as it is now, but it does not make much sense on how we get to the Void now anyway and would be more “immersive,” and we know how much DE likes that.


DE could either make a new mission type for this, or just add the portals to the Exterminate tile set.


This is not as much a suggestion or prediction as a point of discussion.

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