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Auto-Join Invites, Ruining My Life.


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For the past couple weeks, whenever someone sends me a game invite, and I press escape, it will auto-join their party whether I wanted to or not. It's not something that goes away either, it sits there...waiting...until you press escape for any reason...to throw you into a match you had no intention of joining, or maybe didn't even realize you were invited too.

Doesn't matter if you are mid-match, already in a group, or just want to leave the the #$%^n Dojo, if someone sent me an invite, I get shot over to whatever they are doing. It's especially annoying, since I get random invites often, as a high level player in a large guild, many whom I don't even know.

I feel like Jim Carry in "Yes Man", but I don't get to make out with Zoe Deschanel :(

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